The Alexander EP

by Evan Alexander Moore

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This is a Redux of my EP last year.
I made it on my iPhone
I realized my love for these compositions recently, so I re-recorded the whole dang thing
All in my bedroom, on my iPhone with no help except for two samples and an interpolation.
I’m real proud of it. Hope y’all dig it.

The album takes place on a plane ride from Denton to NYC
It’s about Travel, Politics, Heartbreak, and the color Blue.

This album is dedicated to :::
Skyler Hill who did his best with my unfocused first attempt.
Denton in general which inspires this album heavily; every friend, acquaintance, teacher, lover, i appreciate y'all to no end.
Also dedicated to K, still waiting for an apology.


released September 4, 2018

Everything done by Me (except where noted)
Vocal passage on Since I Left You: Margaret Stevens
Plane Passages: Training Video and Other video from Youtube
"Since I Left You"'s chorus is an interpolation of the song Since I Left You by the Avalanches
(plz don't sue me guys)
"Best Ever..."'s track name is based on the song "Best Ever Death Metal Band Out of Denton" by the Mountain Goats


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Evan Alexander Moore New York, New York

New Yorker
Car hopping,
subway swinging,
phone deviant,
political pundit
The Perennial Millennial
train wreck
suburban poet

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Track Name: The Best Ever Folk Singer in Denton
The best ever folk singer in Denton walked through town
Every other folk singer was either dead or on their way out
So he keys a car, waits under the steps
Of the local dive bar
Waiting for a reason to give a shit at all

The best ever folk singer in Denton, lost his way
Filtered through the usual suspects but this time today
He turned away from all the cadavers that idly ferment
Away from all the broken speakers pointin' at his head
He don't know where the path is gonna lead
He don't want no talkin' heads rippin' at his sleeves
No poison, no promises, no absentee friends
No concubines, no trapeze hipsters
Countin' up his sins
Dear Folk singer its not gonna change
Not at all not at all
All your sacred thoughts are only gonna reveal
More of the same
So untie the noose, follow the light
At the end of the jetway
The best ever folk singer in denton
Would like to die in his own way
Track Name: The Tired and Poor
A father and daughter escape away
From a land where bodies and bombs fall
What a relief to finally see
Lady liberty standing so tall
But lady liberty puts down her torch
And kneels down to the family
She says, "We don't need the tired and poor"

What would our fathers have to say
Now that our doors are locked
What if the mayflower sailed on ahead
But the natives blocked plymouth rock
The pilgrims would plead and beg them again
But the natives accepted no friends
They'd say, "We don't need the tired and poor"

What a great way to live up to our fathers
By disgracing our own name
Place our battalions all cross the shore
No more shall we import today
Here comes Joseph and Mary, tired and torn
Seeking shelter from the storm
We say, "We don't need the tired and poor"

What if our fathers did what we've done
After escaping tyranny and fear
They block all paths to the 13 states
Crying out, no one's welcome here
Think of how we'd shrivel and die
With our final breath we cry
Sayin', "We don't need the tired and poor"

Out by the border
Mothers are shakin'
Out by the border
Asphalt's breakin'

Where O Where
Did the 1,500 children go

Are they torn from their mothers
With no reason or plan
Will they get into gangs
Or sold into slavers hands

Are they thrown in cages
Do they sleep on the floor
Are they prayin' to the god
That's on our dollars and quarters

Everyone says they'd fight off the nazis
Until it's the brown kids torn from their families
Well I hope those parents seekin' asylum
Find silver lines in the jails we send them
Escapin' wars just to become a criminal
Dividing families in a nation indivisible
Was it about keepin' us all safe?
Or is it deep seated hate for another race?
O I hope what you've done keeps ya awake
And it rips at your conscious til you're dead in the grave
You've taken children sent them to broken homes
ICE, La Migra, American Gestapo

Where O where did the 1,500 children go
I guess we don't need
The Tired and Wired the Undesired and Poor
Track Name: Vacant Seat
There were 15 people missing from graduation
15 children lost their lives
To men with ill minds and guns in their hands
The murderers of Columbine

In a barren house a rocking chair lies empty
Meant for a grandfather O so proud
But the red lakes they grow redder now
The grandson shot his old man down

In Virginia there are 33 seats all empty
All because of an entitled man
Depression heavy on his mind
His medicine became the gun in his hand

Instead of 20 children entering middle school
20 real children rest in the ground
Cause a man walked to the store round the corner
And had his pick from the guns all around

At a wedding reception there's a hush pulsing in the air
49 seats all unused
They met at a club but they're bloodied and blue
Cause an american with a gun was there too

It makes me weary how they all talk in circles
Sayin' O there's no answer thoughts and prayers we send
Would ya, rather never see a weapon again
Or lay to rest your best friend

1,100 but I don't wanna sing no more
1,100 but I don't wanna sing no more
Track Name: Queen, Abroad
O, my love she's a queen
With an appetite for fearing
She's comin' right out the gate
And she don't wanna be near me

She's eyeing every passport
The green card's flyin' by
My love she's no romantic
And she's no reliable alibi

O, my love she's a golden goddess
Raining from the heavens
O, I wish all the gods just knew
All the gluttony she's feeding

She lives among the peasants
But secretly she waits
For some holy modal spectre writer
Whisking her away

O, my love she sees a kingdom
Where all the lovely ladies stay
O, my love she's a queen
But she waited for a king to stay

Helsinki to Paris, she reclaims
For her, words don't mean anything
Cannes all the way to Denver, she has reclaimed
Plucking her words right into my veins

My love, she sees a kingdom
Where all the women and children pray
My love, she sees a kingdom
Where all the lovely ladies stay
My Love, she's a queen
But she waited for a king to stay
Track Name: When Home isn't Home
O, what ya gonna do my love
When the book you've opened is now closing to shut
And the bank is closing but you got no money to run
Where ya gonna go my love
When ya drink your coffee but now its an empty cup
And your A/C's out and you realize love is not enough

What ya gonna do my love
When home isn't home, anymore

O, what ya gonna say my love
When the hard questions come, but you got nothing to say back
It's your turn to speak, but words are the only thing you lack
Everybody turns away but you wanted to speak so bad
Where ya gonna go my love
When you're finally there, in the only place you'd ever want
When you look down those streets and alleys and it feels so wrong
You're out of place and out of space and all the homes you've chased are gone
So you drift like a wave and you dream way past the dawn

What ya gonna do my love
When home isn't home, anymore

O, I'm only bitter my love
I just wish your story had a space for me
But you hollowed it out for an ending you can't see
I wish I wasn't the cage that kept you from bein' free

What should I do my love?
When my home isn't home, anymore

O, I'm looking at you my love
If you're gonna go, go without a care
I hope the love you find don't leave with the air
Home's not gonna stay for you out there
But I know I know, home is waitin' somewhere
Track Name: Since I Left You
Since I Left You
I found a world so new

Everyday, I saw the flooded city
Everyday, I was swimming pretty
Saw the comedians with saphire swords
Protest music with blunted words
I was killed standing in the street
I picked Bluebonnets from the concrete

Since I Left You
I found a world so new

Everyday, I stood alone
Everyday, I drove us home
Saw the, azure queen twist her hand
Saw the drummer go with the cyan band
I jumped every turnstile
Cut my navy shirts for a while
I flew when I could in spite of this
But I don't wanna ask for your forgiveness
Blue is not a color I wanna miss
But I don't want Blue to leave like you did

Since I Left You, I found a world so Blue
Yet I thought of morning mist
Of warm blankets and a first kiss
I thought of your bluish lips
Wherever I went it was you I missed
Missed you, wandering the london roads
Missed you, gettin drunk with those I didn't know
But I came back to your warm embrace
Your crooked smile across your face
We'd drive down to galveston
Play on the radio those dark Blue hymns
As you left for your own trip
I held close your jaunted hips
Confessed our love as you went home
Then ya took a plane to the french coast
All four months I waited
Held my tongue, left my breathe baited
Sending letters you'd never receive
As you met your lovers on the cannes beach
My stomach turned a 1000 times
You said "I don't want you no more"
I choked on my vomit until the Blue
Stained the floor
Many years have passed since then
Since I Left, I fell in love again
But you've been there a gnawing ghost
Tainting memories I thought I'd lost
O, I thought I never deserved Blue til now
But Blue is a color I want around
Since I Left You, I found a world so Blue
Track Name: Talkin' Talkin' Blues
Here he comes
Trotting off the plane
Here he comes here he comes

Well, little VP he was lookin' for a gay to save
Thought he'd do it with some conversion therapy
He don't want no firin' squad, he don't want no one to die
But if that was gods plan he wouldn't bat an eye
He heard it in a dream, he says god speaks to him at night
But lets get real, god is a 5th dimensional being so you prolly didn't understand him, but if ya did he prolly said something like "Dude you're a real fucked up"

Save my broken soul

Well, little turtle steps on the road, never prouder
Haltin' all traffic, sayin' "I want my people in power"
But everyone around him's got the red insignia
All the people he claims for, he don't really work for
We all live in the mariana trench
A gap so wide its hard to make amends
Cause one sides got a backbone and loves feedin' the rich
The other sides got morals but they're just a bunch of lazy bitches

Save my broken soul

OUT in SUMMER spots
or OUT in their FANCY houses
Live some blue fools
Previously ousted
they say
Whinin' about russia, O what about russia
I got a little secret, if no one else tells ya
Y'all talk up storms but play rich mens games
But I don't dare say those rich red names
They ain't worthy my time, ain't worth yours
So get off your ass stop bein' a corporate whore
Cause otherwise all ya speak are big ol platitudes
A big republican with a shade of blue

Get some goddam policy
You don't win off incoherent babbling
Support :
Bernie Sanders
Elizabeth Warren
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Linsey Fagan
Beto O'rourke
Abdul El-Sayed

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