Backbone of America

by Evan Alexander Moore

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Take your fucked up ideals, shit them out and eat em like your dirty representatives eat up money and lick boots of corporations.
Flush down the ideals of a civil society, the ideals that keep your desperate at desks, your poor procreating, your green paper in high towers, and your POC behind bars.
America is a false god that I believe in though.
Change is a coming.
DNA, Blood, Trails of Tears. Knots, Bones, Spinal Fractures.
This is my song.
I wrote it in a basement apartment.
I wrote it in New York City.
It's called the Backbone of America.
It's about War, the Disenfranchised, and Money and lack thereof.
It's about how the American Dream is dead
It's about finding meaning and hope in the wake of death.
I say this all with Sincerity.


I hear broken melodies
Echo down the maternity ward
Where new born babies are passing notes
Discussing the next world war
Well the sergeant came by
Your son's died in Iraq
Now I know what they were talking about
They were talking about the backbone of america

Out by the river in Mississippi Goddam
I hear murmurs down the trail
Of friends of mine, going deaf or blind
To slurs hurled their way
Well he was walkin' with Melanin
They shot him in the back
Now I know what they're talking about
They were talking about the backbone of america

Whispers over the dinner table
Parents talk workin' class woes
With all the crippled bulls and economies
The bankers never saw jail bars no
Now I'm waist deep in the hudson
Scrounging around
Now I know what my parents were talkin' about
They were talkin' about the backbone of america

I found strife in amphetamines
I found amphetamines in a Texas dive bar
The land of the free, she was callin' me
Askin' for a better way

Out on the highway I saw the sunrise
I asked a vagabond if I could be reborn
See they issued a draft and they raised my taxes
Asking for all I had an more
Well the drifter kept goin'
But I didn't give up hope
I hadn't found what I was lookin' for
All thanks to the backbone of america

For every painful knot in our back
There's another that's gonna push us forth
For every bone that takes away the ones that we love
There's another that's gonna give us hope
I hear it in every friend
Every philosophy
Every singer that's ever inspired me
They were singin' about the backbone of
Put your middle fingers up to the backbone of
O, who gives a fuck about the backbone of
O, well, let's raise a glass to the backbone of america

O, hear the pianos sing ladies and gentleman
Singin' bold, brash, buried chords and keys from five million years ago
Times when my grandma would knit sweaters
And my father would kill himself and go bankrupt just for me
O I have a caravan of used reeses stick wrappers and a bad left front tire and if I don't say enough or I say too much every narrow eyed gentrifying polo shirt gets up in a tizzy
But there is a horizon behind
The battalions
The white pillars
Behind my family member's graves
Friends graves
Behind your electric spine
There is a horizon


released July 21, 2018
Written by Evan Moore

Vocals, Guitar, & Drums: Evan Moore
Bass & Electric Guitar: Jonathan Pharis
Piano & Saw: Siv Disa
Background Vocals: Samantha Echo
Austin D'Adamo: Banjo

Production by: Evan Moore & Shivendra Rai
Extra Production: Austin Fortune
Mixed and Mastered: Shivendra Rai

Album Photo: Courtnie Alvarado
Album Art: Evan Moore
Art Direction & Editing: Anila Ademi

Mixed and Mastered at Funkadelic Studios


all rights reserved



Evan Alexander Moore New York, New York

Evan is a folk singer with a penchant for old folk structures, with the aesthetics of modern folk.

Supporter of the working class.
Singer of the Anthropocene Blues

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